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Have you ever heard of electrostatic painting? Do you know what it is and how it is made? Known as a tough painting technique, it arouses curiosity. After all, many people still don’t know how this technique works or have even heard of it.

But if you are part of this group, don’t worry. Below we will bring some clarifications about this type of painting: how it works and what it is for. Check out!

What is electrostatic painting?

True to its name, electrostatic painting is a technique designed for use on surfaces that possess an electrical charge. Consequently, this form of painting is primarily employed on metal surfaces, including steel gates and aluminum frames

How does the process function?

Distinguishing itself from other painting techniques that can be attempted by amateurs, electrostatic painting necessitates the expertise of a professional and is preferably conducted in an industrial setting. This is due to its distinct application method, which involves using a specialized pre-loaded spray gun.

When the surface is painted, the paint receives an electrical charge opposite to that of the material, resulting in enhanced adhesion of the paint to the surface. The most commonly used paint in this process is powder-based and solvent-free, making it an eco-friendly option. Following application, the painted piece is then taken to an oven-like environment where the powder-based paint fuses with the surface.

What are the advantages of electrostatic painting?

As mentioned before, one of the major advantages of electrostatic painting lies in its durability. Through the attraction of electrical charges between the paint and the material, the paint adheres strongly, surpassing the capabilities of most other painting methods available.

Consequently, this technique offers resistance against abrasion and corrosion, withstands various weather conditions (such as sunlight, heat, cold, and humidity), and in certain cases, provides impact resistance as well.

However, durability is not the only benefit of this type of painting. Electrostatic painting also ensures a flawless finish, typically free from stains, bubbles, or drips.

Moreover, this method is flexible and can effectively cover hard-to-reach areas. It offers a wide range of colors, excellent performance, poses no harm to the environment, allows for swift color changes, and boasts diverse application possibilities.

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