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sliding door repair in Miami beach


Are you aware that your sliding door is a valuable asset in your home and crucial for your family’s safety?

Despite its numerous advantages, you will eventually encounter issues with your sliding glass door that require repairs, necessitating occasional maintenance to ensure its optimal functioning. When not properly maintained, these doors become dirty and lose their smooth operation.

One of the most common problems is the obstruction of the track due to dirt and accumulated debris. Over time, this hinders the smooth sliding of the door and eventually causes it to jam, rendering it unusable. Corrosion is also a concern for the sliding door rollers, wheels, and ball bearings, requiring appropriate care and lubrication.


The use of unsuitable products on the sliding door, such as WD40, grease, or cooking oil, for instance, is another frequent cause of damage to its smooth operation. The accumulation of pet hair under the door, on the rollers, and on the tracks also hampers the proper functioning of the mechanism, potentially leading to damage.

Humidity, water accumulation on the tracks, salty air, and proximity to swimming pools are factors that contribute to premature system damage through oxidation of the metal components.

It is of utmost importance that you promptly seek our professional services at the first sign of malfunction in your sliding glass door. If the rollers are damaged, they will inevitably cause harm to the track, which, in turn, will affect the handle and the lock, significantly increasing the cost of repairing the system.

Malfunctioning locks are also a common issue encountered by our customers. Our professionals are capable of repairing all types of locks and cranks and can even install mechanisms that enhance the security of our customers’ homes, such as a double lock.

One of the most serious problems our customers may face is glass disconnected from the frame. This exposes the glass, posing a high risk of breakage and causing considerable damage and inconvenience.

Leakage is another problem that greatly inconveniences our customers. Apart from causing the loss of air conditioning and increasing energy bills, it also leads to wind noise and the entry of external sounds and rainwater. Common causes of poor sealing include misalignment of the door due to roller wear, peeling of old, worn, or dried-out seals, old caulking, and incorrect leveling of the sliding glass door.