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Sliding Door Handle-Repair The sliding glass door handle can be a very useful tool to assist in the operation of the door, especially for those who have some kind of disability, elderly people, women with large nails and children.

Usually when there is a problem with the handle it is because it is being excessively forced by the malfunction of its sliding glass door, either because the rollers are old, dirty or rusty, either because the track is damaged or because the door is misaligned or with lack of correct lubrication. If this is the case, it is very important to avoid further damage, to fix the cause of the problem first, and only afterwards to change or repair the handle.

There are a multitude of different types of handles, for each of which we have a solution. Most of the time the handle is an accessory part of the lock and its use can be optional, but in some cases, especially in impact doors, the handle is an integral part of the lock and cannot be dissociated from it. In both cases it is extremely important to always use screws of the correct size and thickness, specific to each type of door and always stainless still, which will provide greater durability and stability of the handle.

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